LoszuGhana (NGO) is a nonprofit organization that promotes volunteerism in grassroots projects in Ghana, Africa, and makes it possible at affordable prices. We help motivated people to look beyond their own horizons, break cultural barriers and promote mutual understanding in a global world.

Grassroots Projects

Join a grassroots project and help us build mini projects right from beginning. From a new classroom project for kids, an improvised ranch for farm animals or peer education on social and health issues such as teenage pregnancies or HIV/AIDS. We plan, organise and start many projects from the beginning with you. Take a leap, look through our list of projects and join us today.

Social Work

Social work goes beyond aid or selfless service to humanity. Let us help the needy, poor and underprivileged derive their own solutions to their challenges or problems within their own setting. Work with communities and bring your own energy to focus on different issues together. Join any of our projects today and let’s work as a team for the greater good.


Education is continuous process, one learns from what others know or ones own experiences. Together we can positively influence the lives of many people in many different ways whilst we learn as well from their experiences. Join our multi-ethnic and multi-cultural communities and experience the many ways people people live together whiles you introduce yours.

Motivation and Teamwork

Motivation is a key to success, but not every person is motivated to complete a given task or a Life expectation. By working together and sharing each others strength and weaknesses, we accomplish a lot. Share your skills and experiences and learn new skills from others in the community.


The parent organisation LoszuGhana Association NGO is based in Ghana and has set out to arrange volunteers involvement in social and cultural projects within a reasonable budget  and  non-commercial manner. The division of volunteer placement and many other beneficial  project is run in cooperation with the partner organisations  LoszuGhana Association e.V- Germany, LoszuGhana Association-Switzerland and LoszuGhana Association-Sweden.

Make a Difference

The time you spend in Ghana will have a significant effect on you and on the local people and community. By gradual integration, volunteers become part of the community and are able to best carryout their work by breaking down cultural barriers when they accept, reason and decide with the local people in their communities

"The ultimate expression of generosity is not in giving of what you have, but in giving of who you are." - Johnetta B. Cole

A big dream binds us. We dream of a Children`s Village, a sanctuary for children who we have already begun working with. In this village, small children and teenagers are fostered and brought up in secure and caring family-like homes.  From dream to reality, we have established our project on a 4-acre estate in the village Adwampong, Kumasi, Ghana, in close proximity to the Lake Bosomtwe. The inhabitants of Adwampong have welcomed us heartily, and the orphans and needy kids will be able to go to school in this village. We plan to acquire an additional piece of land for agricultural, and recreational purposes. Yet until that joyous day, a few more milestones need to be reached, we need your strength and support to make this dream a reality. Learn More


By igniting the passions and the willingness to support others, we help young people participate in activities that benefit the local communities in Ghana. By so doing, we promote cross-cultural integration and understanding bridging the gap of the many prejudices and inferiority complex. Our mostly young participant are placed in projects such as orphanages, schools, rehabilitation centres and communities where they have daily physical interaction with the local people and with carry out their work.


We offer different project options to meet your needs. Our project selections include on-going projects and grassroots project to be buildup completely from scratch with your support. Please read through our project description and select a project that satisfies your expectations. No previous experience or professional skills is required to participate in any of our projects. We introduce you to the project and work together with you from the beginning until completion.


We offer orphanage projects both in villages and cities. Based on your preferences your daily activities/tasks at the project includes caring for kids and assisting them with activities such as shower, dinning etc. Volunteers self-planned activities are also welcomed at the orphanages projects.


We offer a wider range of school projects, both in cities and small villages. Based on preferences, volunteers may work with different classes and ages of children to select their own most preferred classes to work with.


We offer placement in a teaching hospital (recommended for medical students) and small clinics in a rural communities. Volunteers are required to assist from basic to complex medical tasks using local techniques under the supervision of a senior medical assistant on daily basis.

Researh Work & Internship

We offer research and internship work for students. Projects include working with certain groups in communities or institutions with the aim of solving a problem or collecting experiences. For example, pilot projects such as vocation training for teenage mothers, bullying in schools, etc. Internship/Research is organised together with participant to assist in choosing the right project or topics.

Awareness Creation

Our community campaigns and educational programs is mostly on social issues and dieseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, cholera, environmental protection, etc. Volunteers plan, design materials and carry out task with help from a contact person within the targeted communities. Depending on the topic, an expert is invited to support the campaigns. LoszuGhana assist volunteers with a projector (Beamer) and other materials to carry out task.

Rehabilitation Center

Our rehabilitation center project houses people with various forms of physical or cognitive impairment. Students in the centre are involved in vocational and craft work, a means of developing and equipping users of the centre to gain the necessary skills/training to live their lives with limited dependencies.

We are driven by the idea that the best work is born from teamwork, diligence and a greater force of taking care others interest.


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Thanks for your interest in LoszuGhana NGO. Please use this form if you have any questions regarding our services or for any other general inquiries.

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