Please read following terms and conditions before submitting your participation contract to LoszuGhana Association. By submitting your application, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth below by LoszuGhana Association. This terms and condition of service together with our participation contract constitute the entire agreement for our program:

Registration fees
Payment of registration fee( to the German Association) and signing of our contract is required for confirming the program. Application may be rejected if applicant does not pay the required registration fee to the German office the association. Please note that the registration fee is not transferable to another applicant.

Applicants are responsible for arranging and paying for visa, vaccination, flight tickets, participation fee for the purposes of participating in our voluntary work program. It is also the applicants responsibility to ensure all travel documents (as may be required) are valid before traveling and during the time of stay abroad to offset immigration issues and other problems.
It is mandatory for applicants to travel to Ghana with a valid health insurance. This is a requisite for participating in our program. Program will be turned down if an applicant does not possess a valid travel insurance for the entire stay in Ghana.

The general cost of participating in our programs are listed and detailed on our website. LoszuGhana reserves the right to revise our participation fees at any time. All revised fees will be made available on our website and new applicants will be noted accordingly. New revisions are not applicable to volunteers who have already signed and submitted their contract of engagement. A program placement is not confirmed until a contract is sign between both parties (LoszuGhana NGO and Applicant) and the required fee has been paid in full to the office in Germany.
Program fees are non-refundable. Any exceptions to this are considered individually on the discretion of LoszuGhana prior to the volunteer’s start date of  the program .

Stay in Ghana
After registration and before the travel to Ghana, applicants may change their start date and duration of stay, LoszuGhana will check for availability of the project with in the modified period for approval.
Volunteer who stays for 5months or more has a period of one month at the end of their program to travel and those who stays for less than 5 months has a period of two weeks at the end of their program to travel.
All volunteers are required to provide details of their travel insurance to LoszuGhana Association office in Ghana upon arrival.

The volunteer can decide that his/her personal data (contact info, photos and videos) may or may not be deleted after completing the voluntary program and may or may not further be used for other purposes of the LoszuGhana Association such as website publication and referencing.  (**This is further explained in the participation  contract) .

Termination prior to departure: Applicants may withdraw from the program free of charge before a program is confirm and a placement initiated. LoszuGhana reserves the right to cancel the program 14 days before the departure date, if the participant cannot be placed in a project.
Termination after departure: The participant in the project may terminate the contract and program at any time, thus assuming the responsibility for the return journey back home. Volunteer(s) who would like to terminate their appointment with personal reasons must inform the local office 3 weeks earlier before doing so. Both parties may terminate the contract due to force majeure or illness of the participant.

Participant also agrees that by participating in our program as a volunteer, you acknowledge and accept the risk in deciding to live and volunteer in Ghana. Participant further agrees that neither LoszuGhana association nor its members, employees, host families and independent local teams can be held liable for occurring damages, death, personal property, financial loss, predictable and unforeseeable accidents. The volunteer takes over the full civil and criminal liability for any accidents caused by him/her.

The volunteer agrees to cover and hold harmless LoszuGhana and the independent local team from any and all liability arising directly or indirectly out of, or in connection with, the volunteer’s travel, period of stay in Ghana.
All volunteers are required to follow the laws and regulation in Ghana during the period of their stay as well as the existing rules and regulation in the chosen project.

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