Community Campaigns

Our community campaigns and educational programs encompasses sensitisation on social issues and dies eases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, Cholera, environmental protection.
Volunteers with plan, design materials and carry out task with help from a member of LoszuGhana and a contact person with the target communities. Depending on the campaigning topic, an expert from the health service or the respective government agency is invited to support the campaigns. LoszuGhana assist volunteers with a projector(Beamer) and other materials to carry out task.


• Design of campaign materials (eg. Placards, PowerPoint presentation, flyers, booklets etc)
• Planning and Modification of campaign strategy,
• Rehearsing and evaluation of each public campaign.
• Report writing on campaign (mainly focused on challenges and milestones)
• Direct Communication and interaction with the local community.
• Carrying a micro project as a test project.

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